Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement with Dr. Carla Fry

Event Details

Hollyburn Country Club

Are you successful because you have learned the long hard way about the value of money, the meaning of work and the joy and fullfillment that comes from making your own in the world?

Are you now enjoying your wealth and success but are worried how you are going to teach these values to your children?

The truth is that in the relationship between parenting and money, more is NOT always better. When the income and level of wealth gets high enough, raising a well-adjusted, ambitious, hardworking child can actually get harder!

If you are finding that your increased wealth is making it difficult to raise the children you want to raise, join us for this free insightful presentation.

Please RSVP for this event to James Irwin 604-913-7092 or james.irwin@scotiamcleod.com



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