Relaxed Performance – King Arthur’s Court

Event Details


For the first time, the Metro Theatre is delighted to present a “Relaxed
Performance” of the Panto, King Arthur’s Court on Saturday, December 22
at 6:00 pm in Vancouver.
Relaxed performances – sometimes called “sensory friendly performances”
or “extra live” performances – are specifically designed to make theatre
more welcoming to audience members with a developmental disability, autism
spectrum disorder, or a sensory and communication disorder. The actors are
“expecting the unexpected” and lights, sounds and seating would be
adjusted for the audience. The theatre has balcony, “behind glass” and
extra wheelchair seating. The audience is free to move during the
performance. The very nature of the Panto encourages audience participation
for those who like to speak out. The performance is equally fun for the
cast, crew, caregivers and family members!



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