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About Scott Snider for West Vancouver Councillor

I was born and raised in West Vancouver and have been a resident of the North Shore my entire life. I attended Chartwell Elementary School and graduated from Sentinel Secondary. My grandparents moved to West Vancouver in the 1930’s and went on to own Sinclair Dental on Bellevue in the 1970’s. My mother, Patricia Sinclair, attended Pauline Johnson and West Van High. I currently live in the Caulfeild neighbourhood with my family.

Why I’m running for West Vancouver Council:

I have watched how our taxes have increased year after year with little to show for it, how our roads and sidewalks have rapidly deteriorated and how our garbage collection, recycling programs and basic municipal services have not improved despite the annual tax increases.

Traffic is top of mind for everyone and we need to find viable solutions that work well for our community. If that means a benefit to the rest of the North Shore or the Lower Mainland, that’s a bonus, but we need to put West Vancouver’s needs first.

Red tape at municipal hall is a huge issue for many in our community and waiting months for approval for minor home renovations is unacceptable. We all want a vibrant, thriving business community; with an activated pier, unique and interesting shops and great places to grab dinner but we won’t be able to do that if we don’t expedite and streamline permits for our business community.

Our senior residents are the heart and soul of West Vancouver and we need to improve what we offer them – whether its aging in place or our care facilities. We live in one of the most affluent communities in Canada and yet our care facilities are unacceptable and we can do better.

With my background in mediation, I feel I can bring the experience needed to resolve conflicts and help come up with solutions that work for everyone in our community.

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