Steamship Days

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Bowen Island


July 7th – 15th

For over 100 years, Bowen Island has been known as ‘Vancouver’s Playground.’

In 1902 Captain Cates sailed here in the luxurious S.S. Britannia and dubbed her, ‘The Happy Isle.’ Thousands of passengers arrived daily in Steamships from Vancouver to frolic on Bowen’s beaches, picnic grounds and dance halls.

In 1924 The Lady Alexandra, the flagship of the Union Steamship Fleet, brought up to 1,400 passengers a day eager to kick up their heels to some of the best dance bands of the era. Over 200 summer cottages and a lavish hotel were built to accommodate the throngs of summer seekers.

Time to revisit the past.
In an age when travel was prohibitive and winters spent indoors without today’s electronics, summer meant getting outside and socializing. Organizations would reward members with ‘day trips’ to celebrate spring. Huge company outings repleat with games, events and music were held in this breathtaking setting. We have come full circle now that busy lifestyles necessitate short ‘day trips’ and technology gives new meaning to ‘socializing.’

Steamship Days is a tribute to our heritage and celebration of summer. Music, games, events and exhibits will bring our past back to life over a 9 days. Bring yer whole family over for a good ol fashion time.

Thank you to all the volunteers that make this event possible!



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