Swedish Valborg Celebration at Ambleside Park West Vancouver

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Ambleside Park

Valborgsmässoafton, the Walpurgis night, is celebrated on April 26th.

That’s when Swedes gather around the huge bonfire, and sing special songs to celebrate the arrival of spring.

In Vancouver we gather at Ambleside beach in West Vancouver for a picnic. The Swedish school children entertain us with traditional songs and later on we all join in a sing along.

For more information about this event please contact AnnaCarin Törnquist at 604-913-7747

The Swedish Cultural Society, one of the Swedish groups within the Sweden House Society, calls the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby its home along with the Danish, Norwegian and Finland House Societies.

Founded over fifty years ago, it:

  • Preserves the traditional cultures of Sweden, art, music, dance and keeps up with the emerging cultures.
  • Promotes the understanding of Swedish communities and cultures in Canada.
  • Affiliates with Sweden, promoting understanding of Canadian among Swedes.
  • Preserves the Swedish language among Canadians of Swedish descent.
  • Gives lectures by culturally linked people, outstanding in their fields.

There are about five hundred members that, together with our families and friends, celebrate Swedish traditional events and participate in program activities such as the Swedish school, language classes and volunteering)

For More Information please Contact Us

– General Information -AnnaCarin Törnquist  604-913-7747  SwedishCulturalSociety@gmail.com

– Membership information-Monica OLofsson  604-987-6086  SwedishCulturalSociety@gmail.com

– Swedish School-Mia Logie   604-725-8431  svenskaskolanvancouver@gmail.com

– Language Classes-Åsa Eidelöf   604-988-9882   eidelofasa@hotmail.com



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