Tamara Rhodes

Event Details

Cory Weeds Cellar Jazz Club

Turner Music & Events Presents

Tamara Rhodes

Doors 6:30 pm
Show 8 pm
Tickets are $15

RESERVATIONS 604-738-1959 or reservations@cellarjazz.com

Tamara Rhodes
Little Bit of Ella, Little Bit of Keys, From the New School with an Old Soul

An old soul with a young heart makes Tamara’s sound as familiar as the
sultry, smokey Jazz and Blues greats like Ella and Billie, yet as reminiscent as the fresh, hip sounds of Alicia Keys, Macy Gray and Jill
Scott. Her sweet vocal style and beautifully written songs are winning the hearts of those who enjoy R&B, Jazz, Soul and Pop, she is defiantly making an impact straight across the board and to audiences of all ages.



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