Taoist Longevity and Immortality an Event with Dr Peter Hudoba at the Tao Healing Centre Vancouver

Event Details

Tao Healing Centre

Attend this 2 day workshop with Dr. Peter Hudoba

Many people are searching for secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practical techniques to heal, rejuvenate, prolong life and move toward immortality.

The way to accomplish all of these is to reach & meld with Tao.

Join this powerful workshop to learn the of this highest secret and how to move in the direction of immortality.

• Discover practical techniques to heal Chronic Pain, illness, Depression, Anxiety, stress, with these complimentary techniques

• Learn the secret Tao practice of rejuvenation

• Practice the major steps to prolong life.

Learn from the profound wisdom of a highly achieved spiritual being Dr. Peter Hudoba.

He holds the title of 374 generation Lineage holder of one of the most ancient spiritual traditions in the world, Peng Tzu Taoist tradition, that has been uninterrupted for the past 4,400 years.

Dr & Master Hudoba travels to many countries around the world to share & teach his profound wisdom.

This is a In-Person or Webcast

Link to register https://www.drsha.com/events/tl-feb27/

COST:$150 or $90 per day

For more Info contact us at 778.379.9920 or email to SoulHealingCentreVancouver@DrSha.com

Also, please visit our website at www.MasterShaSoulHealingCentreVancouver.com



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