Thanksgiving Brunch Buffet at Appleback Grill West Vancouver

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Appleback Grill

Join us at the Appleback Grill this Thanksgiving weekend for a delicious seasonal buffet with long-table communal seating surrounded by beautiful scenery; a perfect community event for family and friends.

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If you’re looking for casual, quality family dining, look no further than the Appleback Grill. With patio seating nestled among towering cedars by the entrance to Howe Sound and the islands beyond, the Appleback offers a serene dining experience that’s not to missed.

Whether you’re on your way back from a hike on the North Shore, stepping off the ferry, coming in off the green for the day, or just passing by along the scenic Marine Drive, we invite you to join us at the Appleback any time of the day.


There are seven apple trees which have stood on Gleneagles soil since before the golf course’s establishment in 1927. Planted by Peter Larsen, the original founder and proprietor of the course, these apple trees still bear fruit to this day.

In 2011, specimens from these trees were presented at UBC’s Fall Apple Festival, where they were appraised by apple experts.

The specimens, as it happened, were a remarkable find. One of the trees was a Pewaukee apple tree—a strain dating back as far as 1800, and thought to be extinct.

The Pewaukee apple is noted for its winter hardiness; it has smooth, thin, greenish-yellow skin, mottled with orange-red and striped with carmine. Its whitish flesh is firm, coarse and very juicy—making it prized for baking.

Though the original Pewaukee tree is old and nearing the end of its life,through diligent replanting efforts there are now over

twelve Pewaukee apple trees on the Gleneagles golf course. It is in honor of the Pewaukee apple that the Appleback Grill is named: a unique and exceptional flavor, thought to be lost, but rediscovered.



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