The Spirituality of Tone and Movement: Celebrating 100 Years of Tone Eurythmy at the Kay Meek Centre

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Kay Meek Centre

“The Eurythmist’s task is to explore and make visible the life that lies behind all outer seeming”—M. Spock

The Cambridge Music Conference has assembled an international array of composers, musicians and eurythmists in an evening celebrating the centenary of the art of tone eurythmy.

Brought directly from Switzerland for this event, Kairos Eurythmy performs under the artistic director Ursula Zimmermann: Klaus Suppan (eurythmy), Michaela Gohdes (eurythmy), and Agata Udatna (eurythmy).

The program features the world premières of three works commissioned especially for the occasion: Resolutions (oboe d’amore and cello) by Janet Danielson; a welcoming light (oboe d’amore and piano) by Jinny Shaw; and The Light of Michaelmas (piano) by Evgeny Shcherbakov.

Three additional works by Canadian composers will be performed in eurythmy. These include the Canadian premiere of Janet Danielson’s work Fons Vitae Caritas (2014) first performed in London, England, together with Ross Alden’s Romance (piano and cello) and Catherine Carmack’s Ashwell (two celli). The program also features international composers Nigel Osborne, Kate Waring, and Howard Skempton.

Performers featured on the program include Marina Hasselberg (cello), well-known to Vancouver audiences; Jinny Shaw (oboe d’amore), member of the innovative UK Okeanos Ensemble; and Russian-Canadian composer and conductor Evgeny Shcherbakov (piano)

Tickets in advance $20

Tickets at the door $25

To reserve or buy tickets in advance please e-mail Elizabeth Carmack at

Telephone: (604) 981-9091



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