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Tao Te

I have left an earlier standpoint, not in order to exchange it for another one, but because even the former standpoint was merely a way-station along a way. The lasting element in thinking is the way. And ways of thinking hold within them that mysterious quality that we can walk them forward and backward, and that indeed only the way back will lead us forward.

(M. Heidegger: On The Way To Language – A Dialogue On Language between a Japanese and an Inquirer)

The above quotation, although from the pen of a philosopher and related to thinking, corresponds exactly to the structural device of the dance theatre piece created by Ferenc Fehér. Relying solely on the non-verbal elements of dance, he manifests the experience of being by making tangible the momentum we encounter as we travel on a beaten or an unbeaten path.

The paths are merely tools just the same way as we ourselves become live objects in the cross-target of our goals. Heidegger described the ways that thinking can lead to freedom:

I: But the way there cannot be staked out according to a plan, like a road. Thinking is fond of a manner of road-building that is, I would almost say, wondrous.

J: A manner in which the builders must at times return to construction sites they left behind, or go back even further.

Consequently, for Fehér, it is not only thinking that requires vigilance, attention and complete freedom of expression, but also all types of creation. His motto for expressing his intentions: “Thinking and choreographing are mirror-images of each other since they refer to the same secret.”

Yield and be preserved.

Bend and be restraightened.

Empty and be filled.

Exhaust and be renewed.

Have little and be enriched.

Have much and be overwhelmed.

Lao Tsu, Tao Te Ching   (laozi, daodejing)

Ferenc Fehér is an experienced and successful dancer-choreographer from Hungary, an autodidact whose style is a unique and expressive combination of freestyle dance and martial arts.

  • Creators: Ferenc Fehér, Ákos Dózsa
  • Dancers: Balázs Szitás, Ferenc Fehér
  • Music: Ferenc Fehér
  • Light and sound: Dávid Kovácsovics
  • Choreography: Ferenc Fehér

Roundhouse Exhibition Hall Shows including Benjamin Kamino (March 12-14 @ 7pm; Ferenc Fehér (March 19-21 @ 7pm); and the response (March 26-28 @7pm) are free with a VIDF Membership.

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