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Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde (Don’t you die right now, we are being watched) seeks a balance between a specific choreographic language and an obvious theatrical presence the piece gives priority to the search for expressing a kinetic sense/moment. Choreographer Manuel Roque defines the human condition in this work through the way the characters express themselves, their relationships to their environment, to each other, and to the poetic/metaphysical value of their movements/pulses.

The choreography puts the movement upfront, giving the dancers a large range of freedom connected to primal impulses. This freedom is balanced by sharp dramatic text. The performers are playfully urged into virtuosity, energetic contrast, surprising connections, and a deep level of sensitive awareness. Sometimes the characters act like zombies; other times they are empty, hysterical, or fully present.

Ne meurs pas tout de suite, on nous regarde (Don’t you die right now, we are being watched)

Choreography: Manuel Roque (in collaboration with the following creative team) Performers: Lucie Vigneault, Manuel Roque, Judith Allen.

Rehearsal Director: Indiana Escach

Dramaturge: Peter James

Lighting and Technical Direction: Judith Allen

Costumes/Set: Marilène Bastien

Sound Score: Manuel Roque (with excerpts of interviews with Stephen Hawking, an excerpt from the film score of Happiness by Todd Haynes, an anonymous organist, some Toronto passers-by, a Chihuahua on rue Dorion, an anonymous skipping rope jumper, an extract from the Ave Verum Corpus K 618 by Mozart, a French kettle, a Parisian street singer)

This project received funding and help from Canada Council for the Arts, Tangente Laboratoire de mouvements contemporains, Circuit-­’Est, Cie Marie Chouinard, and Cie Flak.

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