Vancouver Virtual Reality Film Festival at Studio 700 at CBC Vancouver

Event Details

Studio 700 at CBC Vancouver

Western Canada’s Premier Virtual Reality Film Festival is wasting no time securing details for a world class festival. Submissions for the YVRFF opened this week with much awaited anticipation. The YVRFF is combining the magic of film with the innovative technology of VR. Then making it more accessible to the average person than ever before. Targeted to every age and demographic there will be something for everyone at the YVRFF which kicks off on April 28th.

“The location of Vancouver’s very first Virtual Reality Festival will be at the iconic Studio 700 at CBC Vancouver. “Nestled in the heart of downtown, the festival is really proud to be housing the opening party and festival at one of the city’s most famous studios,” said Festival Co-founder Andy Chu.

Every detail is being carefully considered for the YVRFF. There is nothing else out there like the YVRFF, and the organizers are working hard to present the best of the best. From location, to content, to special guests and panelists. “It’s overwhelming with all the amazing submissions we have already received from all around the world,” said Festival Director, Jessica Glass. “As well as the local support we are receiving from the amazing VR community in Vancouver, we feel honoured to be a part of this incredible VR boom that’s happening in the City. VR film is such an incredible experience, festival goers are going to be blown away.”

The premier festival is boasting multiple daring selections films from exception VR filmmakers. “We are proud to celebrate both the film and VR industries achievements with such an incredible festival,” said Leon Ng, Festival Co-founder. “Vancouver is home to such a savvy VR community and sophisticated film culture, we are confident that this is the perfect home for the

For more information on the YVRFF visit our website or check us out on Twitter, Facebook and instagram for the latest on what’s happening with Vancouver’s very own and very first Virtual Reality Film Festival!

About the YVRFF
The YVRFF is a non- profit tech culture organization headquartered in Vancouver BC. Through the film festival we want to provide the everyday person with access to the innovation of VR and magic of film fused together in one incredible event. VR Film is changing the storytelling experience into 360 degrees and we are honoured to share this creative festival with the world! By hosting Western Canada’s premier VR film festival we hope to create memorable experiences for audiences and provide exclusive access to the best selection of VR films out there.

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