VWF – An Earthling’s Guide to Outer Space

Event Details


Join one of CBC’s most beloved personalities, Bob McDonald, for a
mind-expanding, imagination-popping exploration of the universe. Answering
some of our biggest questions about life on our big blue planet and our
galactic neighbours—from Martian caves to storm clouds on Jupiter to the
nebulae at the far end of the universe—he’ll share
behind-the-scenes-at-the-space-station facts. You’ll find out how to
become an astronaut, what dark matter really is, how an asteroid actually
wiped out the dinosaurs, and more. Few can combine a love for rigorous
scientific method with joyful, witty explorations quite like a science
journalist. Audience members of all ages will be thrilled by his
down-to-earth explorations of the stars.

A portion of tickets are available to reserve in advance. Tickets will also
be available at the door.




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