VWF – Mystery Three Ways

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Craving hair-raising whodunits? Look no further than these three masters.
Filled with mysterious aristocrats and doublecrossing spies, critics praise
Iona Whishaw’s A Deceptive Devotion as cementing her place “among the
finest mystery writing in Canada.” The legacy of Blanche Potter’s
infamous father, cult leader and killer Chuck Varner, returns to haunt her
in Journey Prize winner Nathan Ripley’s new thriller, Your Life Is Mine.
Sarah Leavitt proves that even this genre of shock and surprise can be kept
on its toes, as her chilling graphic novel Agnes, Murderess brings new life
to the legend of an infamous West Coast madam and serial killer. In
spine-chilling conversation, these authors untangle topics including the
influence of true crime and how they keep readers guessing until the very

A portion of tickets are available to reserve in advance. Tickets will also
be available at the door.




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