VWF – The Pictures of Adult Life

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Mental illness and murdering madams might not strike one as obvious
subjects for an absorbing graphic novel, but Sarah Leavitt and Teresa Wong
test the boundaries of the genre, using it to share stories that are
equally surprising, entertaining and moving. A 2019 CBC writer to watch,
Wong captures the candid realities of motherhood in Dear Scarlet, an
intimate portrait of life with postpartum depression. Internationally
acclaimed illustrator Leavitt turns her to pen to one of Canada’s most
infamous legends, serial killer Agnes MacVee, in Agnes, Murderess. Sharing
their art and their unique processes they speak to the importance of
playing with form—and how the graphic novel offers new ways to tell
serious stories.

Presented in collaboration with the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival.

A portion of tickets are available to reserve in advance. Tickets will also
be available at the door.

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