WestVancouver Magazine March / April 2021

Happy Birthday Captain Kirk - Celebrating actor Williams Shatner's 90th, also Chocolate Chef Steve Hodge, new artist Spence Paull and Covid-19 information with Dr. Maryam

Actor William Shatner is still shooting for the stars as he celebrates his 90th birthday – also learn the sweet surprises that take place behind the scenes with chocolatier and Food TV star Steve Hodge and he tells us what it’s like to be on one of today’s hottest reality cooking shows. New emerging artist Spence Paull teaches us what moves her as she releases her new single asking ‘Do You Listen to girl in red’ – and we also discuss Covid-19 facts and fictions with Dr. Maryam. Also Cat’s Meow celebrities, Five Facts about ‘News You Need to Know’ and local events.


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