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West Vancouver, BC
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I started to explore various arts in 1999, as a way to overcome personal fears. One of these was a nightmare I had as a child. This dream is a parable of my life: “I`m at the bottom of a well, looking up. I see the Sesame Street puppets with their mouths opening and closing. I have a feeling of no way out. I can`t yell for help, because no one understands my speech. This is such a feeling of helplessness!“

I am Deaf. I have difficulty speaking and using sign language coherently because of a brain injury at birth. I use a portable device which speaks when I type out written English. I also utilize email and sign language interpreters to communicate,

Creating is my way to express my soul-voice in a way to which others can hear and respond. When I creates, it feels like something spiritual guides me. I need to continue on my spiritual path, and that is through expressing myself. Art connects me to my Spiritual Self. My art flows from my Spiritual Self.

I am self taught. I work mostly with watercolour, ink, and use other media. I am formerly a potter, writer, poet, actress, dancer, music composer, and musician. I created, wrote, produced, and directed a video. I sometimes mix these media to create something. Each piece of my art is unique; I paint slowly and meticulously for one, and fast and impatient for another. Each has its own personality: One will have vibrant, wild, lush colours, and another will have shy, withdrawn, tame, muted colours. Some are whimsical, and others are serious. My work shows how I feel right at the moment of creation. Please contact me via Telus Relay 1 800 855 0511 and ask for 604 988 9402 TTY

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