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West Vancouver Animals and S.P.C.A

West Vancouver families love their pets. The Dog Walk along the East side of Ambleside Beach and Park is a local favorite for getting some exercise with your four-legged friend. The local Pound is run by the S.P.C.A and is located behind the playing fields in Ambleside Park. Volunteers walk dogs awaiting adoption.

It is illegal to keep more than two dogs or six cats. Cats do not require a licence. 

Animal Pickup: 604-925-7300, Lost Dogs: 604-922-4622 

For dead animals on beaches call the Parks Yard at: 604-925-7101 
Dog Licencing: Permits and Licences Department, Municipal Hall. 
Raccoons and Coyotes: 1-604-584-8822, B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch, Surrey, B.C. 
Bears and Cougars: Parks at 604-925-7129, or to report a bear sighting, call 604-990-2327 

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