Apo E Gene Diet

Event Details

Momentum Fitness

Presented By: Dr. Seema Kanwal, BSc, ND
Date/Time: May 16th, 2012. 6pm – 7pm
Location: 1762 8th Ave West, Vancouver BC
Admission: $10 per seat, reserve your seat today

Fitness Professionals Earn ONE Continuing Education Credit

We are not all made the same! So how could we all achieve the same result if we all did or ate the same way!? There are many ‘diets’ out there that say they can help you stay healthy, lose weight, and feel great and yes they can do that. But the truth is, there is a better and more personalized way, the Apo E Gene way.

Join Dr. Seema Kanwal as she explains what the Apo E Gene Diet is, how it works and more importantly, what it means for you.

Take home information that will help protect you and your loved ones.

Admission is $10 per seat. Seating is Limited.
Please contact INFOFIT to reserve yours today.



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