Beluga Whales, Microplastics and an Inuit Community | Ocean Matters February Lecture at The Vancouver Aquarium

Event Details

Vancouver Aquarium

Speaker: Rhiannon Moore

Description: The remote Inuit community, living in the artic hamlet of Tuktoyaktuk, are troubled about how microplastic pollution in the ocean could harm their health and threaten their way of life. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles found throughout the ocean and are eaten by fish, birds and other marine animals. This is very worrying because we don’t know exactly how this plastic affects the health and behaviour of the these animals. Microplastic pollution poses a grave threat to the Inuit in Tuktoyaktuk as rely on fish and marine mammals to feed themselves, and as a vital part of their traditional culture.

Rhiannon Moore is part of the Ocean Wise research team that discovered microplastics in the bodies of plankton, shellfish, fish and seabirds and took part in research aboard the Canada C3 ship, during a portion of its expedition around Canada. She will share her experience researching ocean microplastics, and how we can stay optimistic while facing this emerging global conservation issue.

When: Tuesday 27th February 2018 | 7.00 pm

Ticket Price: Free, but register to guarantee a seat at

Where: The Vancouver Aquarium, 845 Avison Way, V6G 3E2




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