British Columbia Boys Choir 45th Anniversary Gala at Chan Centre UBC

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Chan Shun Concert Hall, Chan Centre, UBC

For many years their home was on the North Shore…



On Sunday, May 18, 2014 at 3 p.m. the British Columbia Boys Choir presents their 45th Anniversary Gala Concert and launch of their book A Song to Remember – 45th Anniversary Memoirs, at the Chan Shun Concert Hall, Chan Centre at UBC (6265 Crescent Road, Vancouver). Tickets are $26 for adults, and $15 for youth (+ service charges) and are available at Ticketmaster 1-855-985-2787 and in person at the Chan Centre Ticket Centre.

For the last 45 years this four-part secular Boys Choir, founded in 1968 by the late Donald Forbes, has performed throughout British Columbia and across Canada. Their 30-plus international tours, from their first in 1969 behind the Iron Curtain and latest to Costa Rica, have garnered them acclaim throughout Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, China, South America and the United States.

“(The audience) clapped lustily from the start, and the closing number brought them happily to their feet.” – Max Wyman, Sun Music Critic, June 19, 1969.

In those 45 years over 900 boys and young men have trained and toured with the choir, performing a demanding repertoire from Gregorian chant to contemporary music. It was not just about the music, but about the experience that influenced each boy’s future life as businessman, lawyer, designer and bus driver to professional musician, broadcaster, composer, recording engineer and arts administrator etc.

“Maturing as a young man is an important part of your life, and to have a mentor to help you through that time is very important.” – Fraser Walters, The Tenors.

On Sunday, May 18 at 3 p.m. members of the present BC Boys Choirs will be joined by the Alumni Choir at the Chan Centre in a magnificent gala to celebrate and perform all their favourite songs while choral directors Tony Araujo (2003-present) and Gerald van Wyck (1988-2003) conduct.

“From treble to bass, from boy to man, from innocent to dare-I-say worldly! Such was the journey I took as a member of the Boys Choir for the near-decade (’83-’92) that I was proud to be a member.” – Alessandro Juliani, Actor, Singer, Composer and Sound Designer.

“A Song to Remember” is a compilation of memories and moments. What better voice to tell their story than the Choir itself. This is their song – in words and pictures. The boys (old and young), families, music directors, board members, management, hosts and friends have all contributed. For every voice in this history there are many more that will remember an event, concert, journey, rehearsal, recording, a special moment. Like a pebble in a pond, the Choir has sent ripples around the world and affected lives through the music, songs, presence and positive influences passed on to communities wherever they have performed.

“The choir kept attracting some of the most amazing boys from all over the city undoubtedly drawn by the prospect of not only singing but also travelling.” – Barry Rector.

Published by Reikos International, “A Song to Remember” has a Score (Table of Contents) divided into Verses (Chapters) filled with quotes from interviews, newsletters, newspapers and various archival documents. The book will be released at the 45th Anniversary Gala Concert and will be available through the Boys Choir, at all their upcoming concerts, and during their 2014 cross-Canada tour.

Adults $26, youth $15 (+ s/c)

Ticketmaster 1-855-985-2787

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