Cinema in the Park present Becoming Redwood at John Lawson Park West Vancouver

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John Lawson Park

Experience the excitement of watching movies under the stars at Cinema in the Park, sponsored by West Vancouver Optometry!

John Lawson Park transforms into an outdoor cinema, showcasing a variety of films from classics to children’s films to blockbusters!

Bring your blanket and lay in the grass or bring a lawn chair (there will be some seating provided).

Becoming Redwood

Describing little, longhaired Redwood Forest Hanson as an eccentric kid is like saying Jack Nicklaus was an okay golfer.

The title character in Jesse James Miller’s new Vancouver-made flick is an 11-year-old who escapes his family dysfunction through an ongoing imaginary match with the Golden Bear. He may be just chipping away with a rusted-out iron on an unmowed front lawn, but in his mind he’s on the Augusta links at seven under par.

Redwood holds on to the deluded hope that winning the Masters’ “magical” green jacket will bring his parents back together. If the whole setup sounds far-fetched and strained, well, it is. But Redwood is so lovingly made in all its retro-’70s afghans and bad plaid stretchies, and its acting is so true, that you probably won’t mind walking its quirky fairways.

Redwood (Ryan Grantham) ends up in Canada in his draft-dodging, dope-dealing dad’s house. But when the law catches up with permastoned Ethan (Chad Willett), Redwood gets shipped to America to live with his estranged mother, Jade (Jennifer Copping), on the isolated farm she shares with her husband, Arnold (Derek Hamilton), and his two teen boys. Arnold tries to make a man out of Redwood—often by brute force. The boy’s only respite comes from a semideranged grandpa (charismatic Scott Hylands) who lives in the basement and knows a lot about Nicklaus’s swing.

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