Ending Power Struggles and Communication Breakdowns an Event at the Kitsilano Public Library Vancouver

Event Details

Kitsilano Public Library

Parents are routinely encouraged to empathize. Parentsʼ empathy is said to promote healthy development and increase kidsʼ cooperation. But what exactly is empathizing? What is it that parents are supposed to do? In this talk, we will break empathizing down into two parts – having empathy and showing empathy – in a way that can help parents repair communication breakdowns, melt power-struggles, and promote self-awareness.

For more on Dr. Susswein’s work on empathy, please visit http://www.imaginempathy.com/

For more information on Dr. Susswein’s counselling practice or to book a consultation on parenting, child development or family connections at either Vancouver Psychology Centre’s West Vancouver or Vancouver office , please visit www.vancouverpsychologycentre.com or call 604-912-0264 / 604-733-7709

Presented by BC Psychological Association and Vancouver Public Library



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