Kay Meek Centre presents Drought and Lie

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Kay Meek Centre

Tickets: VIP Rows B-D $55 (please phone 604-347-6981 to order VIP tickets)

Rows E-K $45 | Rows L-R $35 Available online at www.kaymeekcentre.com or call us at 604-981-6335

Omid and his second wife ‘Ala’ are in their Office. It is Omid’s birthday. Arash (Ala’s brother and Omid’s close friend) is editing a book which he is reading loudly. Omid’s ex-wife ‘Mitra’ calls him and asks help claiming her life is in peril. Omid makes an appointment with her in his office. Ala is not so acquiescent when she gets that her husband has accepted to be his ex-wife’s lawyer, and there is a family quarrel. The play goes back in time when Mitra and Omid are couple and Mitra knows Ala as Arash’ sister. Through episodic flashbacks, audience watch scenes of characters lives before Omid’s birthday and divorce. Audience see how Omid and Mitra gradually get distanced and finally divorce. The play returns to present time. Mitra is In Omid’s office to give his birthday gift and refresh a dear memory they had together. Although the play may seem a family melodrama, it casts a critical eye on moral decay (telling lie and unfaithfulness) that many Iranian families and human relations are dealing with these days. Having some suggestions of eroticism, the show exercises some dramaturgical choices that were practiced for the first time on Iranian stage as strategies to circumvent censorship.



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