Vancouver International Dance Festival presents The Response

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Roundhouse Exhibitional Hall

Orbits: a movement study is part of a series of work-in-progress performance experiments geared towards the movement research and creation of the company’s next full length work. This installment, a duet, finds two atomic beings moving through space in relentless unison with moments of irregularity and reaction, the bodies of the dancers striving to portray the sense of chemical reactions we find internally and externally in our universe.

The response is a project based contemporary dance company dedicated to challenging how contemporary dance can be made, shown and perceived. It is a home for its founder and director, Amber Funk Barton, to create new work that balances artistic resonance and physical spectacle. Inspired by the ability of the human body, its physical potential and its emotional make-up the response, Amber aims to go beyond the focus of form to create cinematic experiences using the body to create pictures, images and shapes to evoke reaction. It is a company distinguishable by the vulnerability and sensitivity portrayed in its works. Work is inspired by imperfection, mistakes, regret. the response. aims to tell stories. It presents ordinary, recognizable characters and emotions in imaginary landscapes. It is a reaction: to what we see, feel and hear.

Choreography: Amber Funk Barton

Performers: Amber Funk Barton and Alexa Mardon

Roundhouse Exhibition Hall Shows including Benjamin Kamino (March 12-14 @ 7pm; Ferenc Fehér (March 19-21 @ 7pm); and the response (March 26-28 @7pm) are free with a VIDF Membership.

VIDF Membership is included in the purchase of tickets to Vancouver Playhouse and Roundhouse 8pm shows or can be purchased separately for a one-time $3 fee at the VIDF Membership Table at the Roundhouse prior to the 7pm shows.

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