VWF – The Essay: Political Fuel

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Join three preeminent, award-winning essayists as they investigate the
possibilities of words to empower and fuel political action—at a moment
when it’s most urgently needed. Journalist and author Lauren Markham (The
Far Away Brothers) covers today’s social imperatives, including
criminalization of young immigrants, girl gangs in El Salvador and climate
change displacement. Alicia Elliott (A Mind Spread Out on the Ground)
writes boldly to Indigeneity and North America’s legacy of racism and
colonialism. In the wake of the 2016 election, John Freeman was forced to
reconsider the power of writing. His new collection, Dictionary of the
Undoing, is grounded in the words that feel most necessary for our times, a
sharp reconsideration of how we can engage the public sphere through

A portion of tickets are available to reserve in advance. Tickets will also
be available at the door.



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