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Why Sabeena? When you are purchasing a home and need a mortgage,  you can go to a bank and accept the mortgage they give you.  But, if you meet with me, things are different, everything is better.  I have access to a wide variety of lenders that will compete for your loan business.  The best available financial solution is with Xeva. I watch all the latest market trends and innovations in our industry, from the status of interest rates to the availability of alternative financing options.

I have a Mortgage Partner for Life system that will help identify which lender will have the best mortgage options for you. It’s not just about the rate you get.  I help you to understand any hidden costs you may be faced with in the long term of your mortgage. I will show you how to pay off your mortgage faster and how you can make your mortgage tax deductible. I will  show you strategies on how to manage the largest debt you have, to your advantage.  I stay in touch with you during the life of your mortgage to help you with achieving your long term goals and to become mortgage free, faster.

Allow me take care of the large number of  loan-related details that need to be reviewed and decided upon. Signing the docs is only part of the complete process to ensure you and your mortgage are both looked after. I have more than twenty years of experience in Banking and Real Estate. Utilize my expertise to cut through all the clutter and confusion and act as a true liaison between the lender, realtor, appraiser, credit agency, lawyers and any other service providers related to your mortgage.  Through my knowledge and experience, I help you to make sense of everything you may have trouble understanding or information you may not even know to look for.  I know that this is critically important, as your home will be one of your single biggest investments.

With leading edge technology and the commitment of taking care of my clients after the transaction, you can be assured that not only now, but in the future, you will always have the best mortgage available by working with Sabeena Bubber and Xeva Mortgage.

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