Lantern City: Community Lanterns

Event Details

As part of the vision to realize the dream of making Vancouver a Lantern City, six lanterns will be presented at English Bay (1800 Davie Street, Vancouver) as part of the Community Lantern project – “We Are A Family”. To echo the project’s artistic vision of “Family is everything “ with our festival partner, LunarFest Vancouver, LGBTQ2S+ artist Kent-Chan Kusalik, will be featured for the first time alongside Filipino-Canadian artists Mayo Landicho and Bert Monterona, and returning Squamish artist Cory Douglas, as all of them will join the Lantern City family. “Lunar New Year in Vancouver isn’t just a celebration of an Asian tradition; it is an opportunity to bring our communities together regardless of who you are. Only until we accept the importance of treating everyone as part of a big family, can our city truly celebrate our diversity as the city’s strength and vibrancy,” said Charlie Wu, the General Manager of The Society of We Are Canadians Too.
This event starts February 20th.



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