Vancity Sprinklers Incorporated

118 Garden Avenue, North Vancouver, BC

About Vancity Sprinklers Incorporated

Vancity Sprinklers specializes in custom sprinkler and drip line irrigation systems. We have the experience to install a system that will provide adequate coverage, ensure you landscape is watered efficiently and also effective. We make sure our most precious source, water, is not wasted and will utilize environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible. Installing rainwater harvesting systems, rain sensors and water-wise sprinkler systems are important to our team, please ask us how we can integrate these options into your sprinkler system installation.

We also provide professional landscape lighting design, sales, installation and service. Every property is unique and requires a custom design that not only compliments a property’s landscape and architecture, but highlights the unique characteristics of the clients themselves. We are your experts in LED and energy efficient lighting, bringing you beautiful, long-lasting outdoor lighting designs with a low impact on both the environment and your energy bill. Our services and products pay for themselves! Give us a call to discover how.

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